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In this video, the Partners of McKinsey’s Greater China Practice show how we’re helping clients deliver impact in entirely new ways, from building digital businesses from the ground up, to leveraging data analytics to optimize marketing strategies, to designing cutting-edge products.


Double-clicking on the Chinese consumer

November 23, 2017|Consumers, Editor's Choice, Insights|

A rising post-90s generation is emerging as a strong engine of consumption, in one of four important new trends in the Chinese consumer landscape.

Savvy and sophisticated: Meet China’s new car buyers

September 22, 2017|Autos, Consumers|

After registering its lowest growth since 2011, China’s automotive market rebounded strongly in 2016

Latest blog posts

What’s Next for China’s Booming Fintech Sector?

July 27, 2016|China Point|

The fast and furious growth of China’s Internet finance industry will inevitably slow. Companies need to begin positioning themselves for sustainable success.

Using Analytics to Turbocharge China’s E-commerce Performance

July 27, 2016|China Point|

Facing market saturation and more selective consumers, online retailers will need to make better use of data analytics to gain ground

Are You China’s Next Acquisition Target?

July 6, 2016|China Point|

Six ways Chinese acquirers do M&A differently

How Retailers in China Should Restore Growth and Profitability

June 24, 2016|China Point|

China’s retail growth remains healthy, and physical retail will continue to be a very important element of that growth.

Finding a Cure for China’s Luxury Hangover

May 10, 2016|China Point|

China has seen a massive build-up in luxury retail infrastructure. Yet what started as one big party has turned into a hangover for luxury brands.

China’s E-commerce Soft Spot: Logistics

April 14, 2016|China Point|

Consumers are buying massive amounts online, but subpar operating discipline in distribution is keeping costs high.

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